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PROS: Simple partition management to assist in allocating space for multi-boot environments or data partitions. Easy-to-use interface with drag and drop functionality. Back up entire partitions to assist in operating system reinstall without loss of data.

CONS: 32-bit only support for the free home version. Windows XP, Vista, and 7 have fairly good partition managers already built in so this product is not necessary in some cases.

VERDICT: If you want to create a multiple boot environment or you want to create a “media” partition on the same drive as your operating system install, this is a great tool to use and far more intuitive than Windows’ built in tool. If you shook your head after reading my previous sentence, I wouldn’t bother with this program.


DOWNLOAD: EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

Many of my drives are split into two or more partitions. Why would you want to split your drive into multiple partitions?

Note: Here’s how to create, move, resize, and delete partitions with Windows’ built in disk management tool.

In this review, I share EASEUS’ latest, free partition management tool: EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition.

I’ve been asked a few times to review this program but I want, first, to make sure that it really is a good product for readers of Windows Guides. After extensive testing, I can confirm this program works really well.

How to Use EASEUS Partition Master Home

I have reviewed the Pro edition of this program in the past and feel at home edition performs all the essential functions to help you stay on top of disk management.

A simple example of this program action is shown below with screenshots and annotations.

How to Extend a Partition

In this example, I’ll show you how to extend a partition with EASEUS Partition Manager Home. To extend a partition, do the following:

  1. Open EASEUS Partition Master Home.Notice in this example that I already have some free space (16GB) at the end of my drive.

    EASEUS 1

  2. Right click the partition that you want to extend and click Resize/Move.

    EASEUS 2Notice the free space after the drive.

    EASEUS 3

  3. Now extend the partition by increasing its size (if you put in 1000000MB, the software will recognize you don’t have that much space and make the partition as big as possible.)

    EASEUS 4

  4. Click OK and now the partition shows no free space at the end.

    EASEUS 5

  5. Click Apply.

    EASEUS 6
  6. You are asked to confirm your change. Click Yes.

    EASEUS 7
  7. Because data on the partition is being accessed, you’ll need to restart your machine (this is normal with partition management.) Click Yes to restart your machine.

    EASEUS 8

Other Practical Uses

For other practical uses with this program, please see the following guides:

Download EASUS Partition Master Home

Download EASEUS Partition Master Home

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