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The August month for Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 users came with a surprise. The updates from the Microsoft arrived on schedule but this time there was an erratic behavior in one of the updates. The update MS14-045 can make using the fonts in Windows 8/8.1 a trying experience. This update may lock the fonts, render them incorrectly or in the worst case scenario throws the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) on your screen. Listening to the outcry of the Windows users, Microsoft has issued a guideline for removing this update from your Windows.

remove windows august update bsod 3 How to Remove the Windows August 2014 Update (MS14 045) Causing Blue Screen of Death

Here is how you can remove this MS014-045 update from your Windows 8/8.1 PC in case you are experience blue screen of death issues: Read the rest of this entry »


Giveaway has ended, and winners will receive their license shortly!

We had a massive 189 participants, and I would’ve loved giving each and one of you a copy. Sadly tho, I had only 20 licenses in total. So If you are not one of the lucky 20, make sure to try again, next time we host a giveaway, it might just be your turn then.


vdcbanner 220x157 [Youre too late] Unique Giveaway: Get one of two programs for Free !You’ve probably already read about the two great programs we reviewed last week: Apowersoft Video Download Capture and Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder. It turns out Apowersoft would like to host a giveaway on our site, and as you know – We LOVE giveaways here at Mintywhite, so we weren’t exactly hard to ask.

Read more after the break to see how you may get one of these two great programs.


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Apowersoft Video Download Capture

Posted by Thomas On October - 27 - 2013ADD COMMENTS
Windows Guides’ Rating
on Apowersoft Video Download Captureon Apowersoft Video Download Captureon Apowersoft Video Download Captureon Apowersoft Video Download Captureoff Apowersoft Video Download Capture
5 out of 5
Compatible with
8 Apowersoft Video Download Capture7 Apowersoft Video Download Capturevista Apowersoft Video Download Capturexp Apowersoft Video Download Capture
arm Apowersoft Video Download Capture x64 Apowersoft Video Download Capture x86 Apowersoft Video Download Capture
vdcbanner 220x157 Apowersoft Video Download Capture

PROS: Easy to use. Powerful functionality for downloading most streaming videos.

CONS: The limited video edit features could easily be improved to make this a program for all your needs.

VERDICT: A great tool for downloading streaming videos off the net. But also a great program for those of you who love to record your own DIY, and HOW-TO videos.

PRICE: $59.95


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Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Posted by Thomas On October - 25 - 2013ADD COMMENTS
Windows Guides’ Rating
on Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorderon Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorderon Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorderon Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorderoff Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder
4 out of 5
Compatible with
8 Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder7 Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recordervista Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorderxp Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder
arm Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder x64 Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder x86 Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder
streaming audio recorder banner 220x157 Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

PROS: Feature rich, yet simple UI. Easy to use. Great audio quality.

CONS: I could benefit from having a main page where you can find all main functions on one plate, so you don’t have to look for it. oh, wait that’s why we do reviews…

VERDICT: Simple interface that is easy to understand, yet powerful with a lot of goodies under the hood. This is one of those programs that keeps on surprising you.

PRICE: $39.95 (personal license) / $79.95 (commercial license)


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344 Boot Straight to Desktop in Windows 8.1 [Quick Tip]If you’ve not yet upgraded to Windows 8.1, you can instructions to do so here.

The source of many complaints about Windows 8 manifests itself each time you start your computer: starting with the live tiled interface by default. From my observations, most people utilize this interface mainly to click the “Desktop” icon to return to “normal” Windows. Well, Microsoft heard our cry and have provided a way to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.1. To boot to the desktop:

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pdf converter feature 1 GIVEAWAY: PDF Converter for Windows [only 24 hours]We are pleased to bring you another great giveaway product. If you are in the search of an Adobe Acrobat alternative then look no further. PDF Converter convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, Text, Image, and EPUB formats for easy portability. In addition, an OCR plug-in is available for converting scanned PDF into editable PDF documents.

Head over to the giveaway website:

But hurry, there’s not much time

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