A new browser (coined, online, as an “immersive” browser) is available with build 7955 of Windows 8. Neowin has exclusive details on this browser as well as screenshots of what it currently looks like in build 7955.

As of now, the browser looks “unfinished” (I don’t think I’d like to be a Microsoft developer right now as I read criticism of software that I haven’t finished yet) but looks to be aimed at tablet users and those who want a more simple browsing experience.

Is it time for Microsoft to drop the “Internet Explorer” branding and go with a more simple “The Net”, “Go Online”, type browser with less features instead? Is it worth Microsoft adding features to IE that are only useful for geeks who all use Firefox, Chrome etc. and avoid IE like the plague?

Windows 8 ‘immersive browser’ images surface | neowin

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