In our last post we looked at the TV Tuner part of Windows Media Center (WMC). Adding  a TV Tuner card turns your PC into a very respectable DVR (Digital Video Recorder) rather like a TiVo box. Individual shows and indeed, an entire series can be tagged for recording.

This short post will look at the “play-back” aspects of the shows you’ve selected to record.
Recorded programs are kept in a user-selected folder on disc and made available for viewing through the “Recorded TV” icon.

In this section of WMC, previously recorded shows are presented as a selection strip with a thumb-nail of the show, the title, and the description (if available) from the EPG.

“Sort by” fields are available as well as scheduling options.

Taking a look at the scheduled items shows the programs set to be recorded for the next week.

In addition to storing programs recorded off broadcast TV, the Media Browser add-on can also organize TV show series previously recorded and made available on disc as DVD format (VIDEO_TS folders) or single files (.AVI format) such as might be available on the Internet. We’ll take a look at that in the next section.

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One thought on “Windows Media Center – Recorded TV ”

  1. Anton_van_wamelen says:

    other problem we had when you buy an out of your region disc, due that the dvd-R/RW player recorders are set mostly to your region only. we have looked on the net and they say that you have to overcome 3 hurdles namely: 1. the disc itself, the writer and not least windows 7 itself… especially if you to play it on a 64 bits system. strangely it worked as a charm on our laptop…32 bits.
    so what's your opinion, sir, folks?

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