Yesterday Rich let you know about our new sub-forum, Windows 7 Tutorials.

Today i want to share with you some of the great content that resides here.

A big thanks go to our forum members that have contributed, keep it up!

34 Favourite Windows 7 Tips

Prevent WLM Auto-starting & Minimize to Tray

Start Applications without UAC Prompt

How To Centre The Taskbar Icons

Create your own Windows 7 AIO DVD

How to Attach VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) Files

Create a Master Control Panel in Windows 7

Add new features to “New” context menu

How To Save Themes For Sharing

Batch file to kill/start/restart process

Windows Forums members can by all means submit tutorials.  Please read and respect the Guidelines before hand however.

We’re still in the process of relocating threads.  If you spot a Windows 7 tutorial in the forum going unnoticed, don’t be shy reporting it to the Windows Forums Team by clicking the ‘Report button’ available in every post or PM us directlySmile


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