If you’re using Internet Explorer (IE) and you want to open more than one homepage when you start a web browsing session, this guide will help you get set up.

Note: As you increase the number of tabs to open, the time it takes to launch Internet Explorer will increase.

Add a Page to Your Home Page Tabs

1. Browse to a website you want to add to your home pages

2. Click the drop-down arrow on the Home Button and click Add or Change Home Page…

3. Select Add this webpage to your home page tabs and click Yes

Manage Home Page Tabs

To add and remove tabs:

1. In IE, click Tools > Internet Options

2. On the General tab, under Home page, delete any pages you don’t want to include

3. Add sites (one per line) that you’d like to open at each launch

4. Click OK

Now restart Internet Explorer and verify the tabs you want to launch load successfully.

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