Completely Remove Data Using Eraser

Eraser removes data from your computer completely. You may already know that when you “format” a drive, the information is still there. The best way to completely remove data is to write over it, and this is what Eraser does. Eraser is designed for XP, Server 2003, and older Windows versions.

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Track a Stolen Computer with LocatePC

Posted by Rich On July - 25 - 2008

Track a Stolen Computer with LocatePC

Do you own a laptop and use it in public? I do and I wouldn’t be surprised if my laptop gets stolen one day. Actually, I will be very surprised, but the chances of this happening are too high to ignore.

This week’s featured download is LocatePC – software designed to help you track down your PC.

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Complete Resource for Internet Related Freeware

Posted by Rich On March - 28 - 2008

Internet related freeware; this list completes all your internet related needs without spending a penny.

Check out more freeware on

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10 Free Visually Enticing Screensavers

Posted by Rich On March - 12 - 2008

When finding screensavers on the web, it can be hard to ensure the screensavers don’t come with any spyware, viruses etc. Luckily for you, this list of 10+ screensavers is completely baggage free. So enjoy!

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What Did The Internet Look Like in 1996?

Posted by Rich On February - 24 - 2008

Want to see what the internet looked like back in 1996?

I have compiled some screenshots of the more popular sites. How do they compare to today’s versions?

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Access Websites That Require You to Login [How To]

Posted by Rich On February - 24 - 2008

When you search on Google, often you click on an applicable result – to find that you arrive at a registration page.

The reason is that there are some websites that allow Google to browse for content, but not you.

With this easy hack, you can disguise yourself as Google by changing your browser’s identity (named user agent) to Googlebot.

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