We’ve all been there. You need to reinstall your software – but you forgot to write down the serial number or you simply lost the paper where you wrote it down.

What do you do?

As long as you haven’t removed the program or deleted your hard drive – there are several options, one being hacking your registry as in Rich’s recent post: Crack Windows Password [How To]. Here’s another solution.

Using a freeware tool from Abelssoft called MyKeyFinder you can search through Windows, recovering almost any serial number ever installed on your current system. Even Microsoft Serials can easily be recovered using this tool.

What I love a bout MyKeyFinder (apart from the obvious) is that it’s totally free and that it has several export options, making it very easy to save your retrieved serials in a safe place.

Download MyKeyFinder

Download MyKeyFinder

Download MyKeyFinder

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3 thoughts on “MyKeyFinder: Never Lose Your Serials Again [Freeware]”

  1. donhunt says:

    Belarc Advisor Shows all the information about your machine including keys.
    I save it as a PDF file and print a copy every year or when major changes are made.

    1. Rich says:

      Thanks donhunt!

  2. Peter Opitz says:

    excellent idea, but what about finding the serial no. from the cd? I’ve lost the paper it was on and the company itself wouldn’t take it back for them to find it and return same cd to me. Can you suggest how to find it, thanks pedro

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