The Opera  Browser is a powerful, yet versatile browser fully packed with features and tweaks. Most people already know about Mouse Gestures, tabbed page preview, widgets etc. There are however several little known and hidden functions that I’ve come to love, and which I cannot seem to do without anymore.

Let me tell you about two of them:

Tabs with Thumbnails

Large Tabs Thumbnail

As with most other browsers today you can open web pages using Tabs – but as you know – keeping track of each tab can be a challenge (especially if you open more than two or three windows at once). Given that you have a high-resolution screen with “space to waste” then Opera has a simple, yet powerful solution to this problem: Tabs with Thumbnails.

Place your mouse pointer on the thin bar between the tabs and menu bar, then click and pull down. And there you have it – pretty thumbnails.

Tabbed preview – The Right (Click) way

I am not sure what the Opera Developers call this next function as I haven’t been able to find any official postings about it. I stumbled upon this by chance or pure luck if you will. If you don’t have the screen resolution or room enough to display the Tabs with Thumbnails or you simply don’t want anyone (your boss, friends, mom etc.) to see what you look at this next function might be for you.

When you want to open one of the tabs you would normally move your mouse to the top of your page and click on it right ?
In stead – right-click on an empty space and scroll using the mouse wheel. This will show a menu (with thumbnails) showing all the open windows. Scroll through the menu or click on the page you want and release your right button.

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2 thoughts on “Show Tabs with Thumbnails in Opera 10 [How To]”

  1. Kris says:

    Brilliant TIPS Thomas, I love finding out new Special Moves. I will pass this sight on so others can enjoy. Brilliant Stuff!!!

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