Windows 7 comes with a great new tool called Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).  Thus far unfortunately, it’s greatly underutilized.

Once PSR is set to record it will monitor your mouse clicks, keyboard strokes and take screenshots at each stage for troubleshooting.

This tool is a god send for anyone trying to establish what problems someone is having if that person cannot explain in ‘technical terms’ what is wrong.

Once the recording has finished, Windows will zip up the file ready to distribute to the legions of online helpers.

Here’s how to use it;

Step 1.

Click the Start Orb and type psr. Click psr from the results where you will be greeted by a very simple interface.



Step 2.

If you click the downward chevron next to the question mark you will have access to PSR’s few settings.



Step 3.

When you’re ready to start recording hit the obvious button and start recording your problem.


Step 4.

Once recording has started, replicate the steps toward the problem your are experiencing.  You can pause, stop, and add additional comments during the recording.


Step 5.

When you’ve got all the evidence you need, hit Stop Record.  Windows will automatically prompt for a save.


Step 6.

Once you have finished recording and saved it, clicking the downward chevron again will give you access to sending the PSR to an email recipient.  I’ve decided it’s about time Billy needs to know what’s going on! :)



Step 7.

Opening the .MHTML file inside the zip (compressed) folder will spark up IE where you will see a plathora of information useful for troubleshooting.



Next time your having issues with Windows, don’t forget to use PSR.  You can then upload it to your thread in the forums where our resident geeks will swiftly deal with your problem.

Open this sample PSR recording I made to get a feel of what exactly is recorded.

Have a few practice go with it too.  It really is very handy!

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