There are times where you need to find out specific information about your processor.  Weather you need to check if it’s x86 or x64, AMD or Intel or its Revision number.

This Quick Tip is going to show you how to find out this very basic information instantly using only Windows Explorer and your browser.

With this method, we can find out the processor architecture, its Level, Identifier & Revision number.

Step 1.

Press WinKey+E to open an Explorer window.

Step 2.

Type in one of these addresses and hit enter






Your default browser will open and display the relevant basic information.

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2 thoughts on “Find Out Processor Information Instantly & Without 3rd Party Tools [Quick Tip]”

  1. Thomas_mintywhite says:

    Nice tip :-)
    The basic information in also available in the System Information window.
    Right-click “My Computer” Icon and choose “Properties”.

  2. Michael Ludwig says:

    Or just type “set proc” at the command prompt to see the values of the proc* environment variables.

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