If you’ve lost your Windows password, you don’t have to lose access to your files or account; you have three options to get your data back:

  • Access your files without your password
  • Reset your Windows account password
  • Crack your Windows account password to access encrypted files

If you just need to get to your files and they are not encrypted, access your files without a password.

If you need to get back in to your account and do not have encrypted files, reset your Windows password.

If you used Windows to encrypt your files (how to encrypt your files with Windows) and the Windows account files are still in tact on your hard drive, you will need to crack your Windows password to access your files.

Once you’ve got access to your files again, I recommend you:

  1. Create a password reset disc to prevent future loss
  2. Encrypt your files so others cannot retrieve your files using these same methods

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