Updates are essential to make your computer stay secure. I for one like to be able to decide for myself when to install and update my system. But if you prefer Windows to do it without consulting your first, you will from time to time see the “updates awaiting reboot” icon when you want to shut down your computer.
If you don’t like to leave your computer on when leaving it – waiting for the update process to get done before you leave will test your patience.
If you want to be able to override this feature – shut down the computer without starting the update process, Here’s how…

why yes, of course

Once you’ve read this, you’ll go – “Pfft, of course, why didn’t I think of that”…

Option 1

To Shut down your computer without starting the update process, Click CTRL + ALT + DEL.

In the lower right System Window appearing, you’ll find the OFF-button. Click the little arrow next to it and choose: Shut Down.

Option 2

Open the elevated command prompt (cmd.exe) and type: shutdown -s -t 01

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