After installing some software, an entry appears in your Send To Desktop context menu.

If you’ve a plethora of software installed on your system, this context menu can become cluttered and not as useful as intended my Microsoft.

This Quick Tip is going to show you how to tidy up your Send to menu.


Step 1.

Start by pressing the WinKey+E to open an Explorer window.

Step 2.

In the address bar type; shell:sendto and hit enter.



This is where all of your ‘Send To’ shortcuts are stored.

Step 3.

To remove any entry from the context menu (except the drives), simply delete the shortcuts (Skype, Bluetooth & Fax recipient in this example) from Explorer.


And that’s it!

(Respectively, you can add a shortcut to; for example, your Downloads folder.  Just right-click, drag & drop your shortcut into the shell:sendto folder and choose Create shortcuts here)

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4 thoughts on “Tidy your ‘Send to’ Menu [Quick Tip]”

  1. Ben says:

    Great tip! Thanks:)

  2. Diane says:

    I have in the “Send To Folder” a shortcut to the “Send To Folder”. Therefor it's easy to add a new shortcut to the “Send To Folder”.

  3. RSVR85 says:

    An excellent tip, i never thought of doing that. Thank you ;)

  4. Ken says:

    Great Tip. I just added one of my most used program to my send to and it works wonderfully.

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