The Windows 7 Taskbar represents the first major change to the Windows Taskbar since it’s appearance in Windows 95. In this short guide, we’ll show you:

  1. How to pin programs to your taskbar
  2. How to rearrange your taskbar
  3. How to unpin programs from your taskbar

How to Pin Programs to Your Taskbar

To pin a program to your taskbar, you have a couple of options. The easiest is to simply drag the program or shortcut:

Locate the shortcut or program and drag it to your Taskbar:
Or you can right click a program or shortcut and click Pin to Taskbar:

How to Rearrange Your Taskbar

To rearrange your taskbar, simply click and hold on an icon and drag it to its new position:

How to Unpin Programs from Your Taskbar

To unpin a program from your Taskbar, right click in and click Unpin this program from taskbar:

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