Have you used Aero Snap yet ? I know I haven’t – not much anyway. I like the idea of it, but haven’t really got around to find any good use for it, as of yet. But This tip might help out. Aero Snap is a great tool to utilize if you want to place several documents side by side (almost like the Arrange Windows, Tiles Function in some applications).

In all the reviews I’ve read Aero Snap is portrayed as a “using the mouse” feature, even thou you may also use the keyboard. Suddenly, Aero Snap became much more interesting. I have a dual monitor system, and one thing I had trouble doing on my system was getting the windows to snap in the middle of the two monitors – using the arrow-keys it suddenly was possible.

Try Different Combinations using your Arrow-keys while pressing down the Windows-Button.

+ Up = Maximize Window
+ Down = Restore Window
+ Down + Down = Minimize Window to taskbar
+ Right = Aero Snap Right
+ Left = Aero Snap Left

If you (like me) have a dual monitor system, clicking Left or Right Twice will make the window move between the monitors. Once the window switches monitors it will appear in its non-maximised state.

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