Have you ever wanted to change the background in Windows Explorer?  How about the colour of the text?  If so, then this Windows Explorer shell extension is a must-have.

AveFolderBG integrates into the Folder Properties dialog box in Windows 7 which means no added bloat on start-up per se and no standalone applications to run to get the job done.

Doing this manually is notoriously difficult to get consistently right but with this it’s a cinch.  All is that is required is that your run the installer with administrator rights, forget about it, and enjoy background and text colour changing in Windows Explorer on the fly!

Works for Windows 7 x86 & Windows 7×64.  However I have encountered a possible bug where the text colour reverts to default when Explorer is refreshed (W7 x86).  I’ve left a message with the author and will update you guys when I hear back.


Step 1.

Download AveFolderBG for Windows 7

Step 2.

Extract the AveFolderBGW7XXBit folder.  Open it and right click on Install.bat, click Run as administrator. (Accept any UAC prompts regarding this action)

A command window and an information dialog box will popup. Hopefully you’ll see the same success message as me here where you can click OK.  (If not you can head over to our forums for help).

A warning dialog box will pop-up telling you that unintentional changes or deletion of values can cause components to stop working.  If you’re happy with this, click Yes.

And you’ll then get a success message.  Click OK.

And that’s it!

Take note that if you move or rename the AveFolderBGW732Bit folder, you will have to run Install.bat (as administrator) again.

You may also need to restart Explorer.

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6 thoughts on “Change the Background and Text Colour in Explorer on the Fly [How To]”

  1. sokobanja says:

    Great tips. Thank you for sharing with us

  2. Imiunleashed says:

    Would this work on vista?

  3. Harry says:

    This is why windows is rubbish. Use to do it ok in win98, but as usual, windows takes yet another step back. No wonder people are going off it.

  4. Excellent advice. Very useful for beginners

  5. Sokobanja says:

    I had a lot of problem with this. Thanks a lot for tip.

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