If you’re a shortcut  junkie and want quick access to customization tools, system tools, or common Windows applications on the desktop context menu, these registry hacks are for you:

Vishal over at AskVG has created eight registry hack packs that let you add the entries shown above (“Desktop Shortcuts”, “System Shortcuts”, “System Tools”, and “Windows Apps”) to either the desktop context menu or the My Computer context menu.

Each pack contains multiple registry files to let you choose the position of the menu on the context menu and an uninstall file to remove the menu completely. Here’s a list of the tutorials that contain the download files below:

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2 thoughts on “Add Windows Apps, System Tools, System Shortcuts, and Desktop Shortcuts to Context Menu [How To]”

  1. VG says:

    Thanks for putting it here. Much appreciated. :)

    1. Rich says:

      Thanks for putting these together–very useful.

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