18bootcamp01 Install Windows Vista on Your Mac with Boot Camp

Mac|Life has put together a guide for Mac users that helps you install Windows on your Mac (either as a boot option or virtually) for those times that a Mac doesn’t have exactly what you need to get a task done. The guide details the two different ways in which you can put Windows on your Mac: through Boot Camp or with virtualization.

The guide shows you where to get the tools you need to get up and running, includes a Q&A about Windows for new users (if you’re new to Windows, check out or basics section), and gives you ideas on how to get the most out of Windows by setting up proper security, updates, and using the best available software.

How To Master Windows Virtualization On Your Mac | Mac|Life

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  1. Skinny says:

    what about MAC boot option on windows, can it be done?

      1. Skinny says:

        Awesome Thanks

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