Best Methods for Repairing PC Errors Related to Audio Files

Posted by Guest Post On October - 15 - 2010

In this guest post, James Ricketts explores repairing PC errors related to audio files. Learn more about James at the conclusion of this post.

We all love to listen to music and play games on or computer; therefore, it is never a pleasant experience to come across errors related to audio files. In today’s world, entertainment is something we all want instantly and uninterrupted, and any delay in this can be frustrating.

The good news is that you can deal with most of these errors on your own, provided you understand what the reasons for the errors are, and how to go about solving them. In this article, we will discuss a few important audio file extensions, and how to deal with error messages related to them.

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Free Windows XP/Vista/7 Style PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Posted by Rich On October - 12 - 2010

Free Desktop Icon Packs

This week, we have a collection of Windows XP, Vista, and 7 style icon packs. You can use these icons for Windows customization, web sites, applications, mobile apps, posters, and more; however, just because the pack is free doesn’t mean there’s no attached license. Please be sure to check the license for each pack you download as each differs. The license should be available from the site you’re led to and often it’s in the download. If you know of any good icon packs to include in this genre, please let me know. Looking for a different genre? Desktop icon pack collections organized by genre.

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Device Doctor Scans and Updates Your Computer’s Drivers

Posted by Thomas On October - 9 - 2010

Keeping our computer(s) up to speed is a never-ending story. Making sure you have the latest, most updated drivers can be a daunting task and many give up on it. There are many tools out there promising to help you take care of this for you. Most of these sites and tools prove to be frauds, either overcharging you for free drivers, or installing old or useless drivers, causing more problems than they solve.

I have earlier told you about Driver Magician (and given away copies), which up until now was my program of choice, even though you have to pay for it. Now I bring you the ultimate Free Solution: Device Doctor

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Organize Your Files with an Intuitive and Structured File System

Posted by Deck Hazen On October - 8 - 2010

How many times have you downloaded a file to your hard drive then could not find it again? How many times have you downloaded a file, found it, stored it somewhere, then couldn’t find it again? How many times have you looked at your “My Documents” folder and thought ‘what a mess!’.

The sad truth is that having a great collection of things – be it software programs or even garden tools – is useless if you can’t lay your hands on an item in a timely fashion.

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Remove Viruses And Malware in Safe Mode [How To]

Posted by Angel Luis On October - 8 - 2010

Being infected by virus or malware is something very common these days. Sometimes it’s very hard to remove these infections. Modern forms of malware try to avoid detection by altering the Operating System. Others attack your antivirus so it cannot work properly. This means that if you get infected by a virus newer than your antivirus definitions there is a chance you can’t get rid of it.

In this post I am going to address this problem and show you a way to solve it.

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Aerofoil reduces your computer’s power consumption when it is running on battery. It does this by automatically switching off some features, like the Aero glass interface, Windows sidebar, muting the sound etc. when your notebook is running on battery.

It can also switch across different Windows power plans, enabling one power plan when plugged in and a different one when running on battery.

Windows Guides’ Rating Compatible with System
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4 out of 5
Windows 7Windows Vista 32-bit64-bit

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