It seems we are all so busy these days and I personally feel like I always have so much going on. To help me get on top of my time, I decided to try a whole host of freeware programs that claim to organize your life. In this guide, I present to you the best two: Total Organizer and Smart to-do List.

Total Organizer

Total Organizer is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) that helps you organize and plan your business and personal life.

What’s unique about the app, is that it allows you to store all of your contacts, tasks (calendar), notes, and to-do lists divided into tree-structured categories. In addition, each item (be it a note, task, contact ,etc) may belong to several categories (tags).

Screenshot of Total Organizer

Download Total Organizer

Smart to-do List

  • Quickly and easily capture any task that has your attention and clear your mind
  • Tag, Prioritize, and Filter
  • Apply tags and priorities to your tasks to enhance your to-do list with powerfully simple filtering
  • Get Things Done
  • A clean, distraction free interface allows you to easily apply the principles of the GTD system

Screenshot of Smart to-do list

Download Smart to-do List

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