There are a ton of Sysinternals tools for troubleshooting and non-troubleshooting. If you want a collection of troubleshooting tools (very helpful if you’re working outside your PC network at a friends house, a business you’re helping/working for etc.), then you can download the Windows Systinternals Suite. This suite is regularly updated and currently sits at a whopping ~13MB:

Download Sysinternals Suite

Download Sysinternals Suite

Download Sysinternals Suite

Here’s a list of the tools you’ll get with the suite:

That’s it. Now you have the whole Sysinternals suite ready for use. If you’d like to access the Sysinternals tools online–without downloading or installing the tools–you can use Sysinternals live. If you want tolearn more about Sysinternals tools such as Process Explorer, head here.

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