Previously, I have written a guide on how to set up OpenDNS. However, some DNS servers will be faster, depending on your internet connection. So, here’s a way of setting up a new DNS server that you know will be best for you, using NameBench:

Step 1

Visit and click the button on the right to download it as an EXE. Once downloaded, launch the application. Click the Extract button, and it should launch:

Step 2

Choose your favourite browser, as it bases it on your browser history. Click the “Start Benchmark” test and leave it to run the test. It may take a couple of minutes…

Step 3

When the test has completed, you’ll get a screen saying its results. You can then change your DNS accordingly. It’ll give you graphs and very detailed information as well!

Please click here to see an example report. To change your DNS Server, see the article here.

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