I have earlier told you about PhotoMagician, the program that let you convert pictures “at the drop of a hat”. Now this great tool has become even greater.

One-Click Conversion to Device and Output Format

As before you can predefine  custom settings to suit your needs, but now PhotoMagician also comes with preset settings for the most common devices out there. But the most interesting new functionality is Format to Format Settings.

Set Default Conversion Rules for different formats.

PhotoMagician now let you decide which format get converted to which format. You can set Tiff to JPEG, PSD to PNG and so on. This is especially useful if your camera save photos in RAW format or its equals; DDS, PCX, PSD, TARGA, WBMP and WMF.

The new list of predefined  formats now includes these devices:

  • DVD (PAL)
  • High Definition TV (HD 720)
  • High Definition TV (HD 1080)
  • iPhone / iTouch
  • iPod (Photo)
  • iPod (Video)
  • iPod Nano (1G / 2G)
  • iPod Nano (3G / 4G / 5G)
  • Nintendo DS / DSi / DSi XL
  • Sony PSP / PSP Go (16S)
  • Sony PSP / PSP Go (4:3)
  • Microsoft Zune
  • Microsoft Zune HD (4:3)
  • Microsoft Zune HD (16:9)
  • Custom Width & Height
  • No Change (Maintain Original Size)
  • WIDTH Only (Maintain aspect Ratio)
  • HEIGHT Only (Maintain aspect Ratio)
  • iPhone 4

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