I’m sure the vast majority of you guys have more than one or two email addresses.  Personally I have 6 and keeping tabs on them all can be a pain, not to mention unproductive.

If you use Microsoft’s web-based Hotmail & a Windows Live account ( & for your email needs, then linking your accounts so as to consolidate down to one inbox(ish) couldn’t be easier.

Step 1.

Start by logging into your Hotmail account with your Windows Live ID.

Step 2.

In the top right corner click on your name, in the drop down list, choose Link other accounts.


Step 3.

You’ll be asked to confirm your current credentials and enter the details of the account you wish to link.

Enter the correct information as required and at the bottom of the page click Link.


Step 4.

If all went well, you’ll be given confirmation of your action and you’ll be shown the linked accounts page.  From which you can Unlink if required or add another account in the same manner.


If you click your name in the top right hand corner again, you’ll see a list of linked accounts.  Click on either account to take you to the respective email inbox.


This is real handy if you have multiple Windows Live ID’s and, like me, have a memory like a sieve and can’t remember passwords!  Though note, the password(s) which do(es) protect you should be nice and strong as if it’s bypassed, it leaves all of your email accounts wide open.

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    Thanksss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I linked 2 accounts.

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