So you spend a lot of time searching the net.  Most of us do and with Google Chrome, searching is a breeze  You just type your query into the address bar and your preferred search engine will do the rest.

But what if you search a specific site and do so frequently?  Instead of searching for “Mintywhite” and then clicking the images tab on for example, we can assign Google Images its own keyword.

To do so, right click in Chrome’s address bar and click Edit search engines…


Here you will see all of your search engines and their keywords.

In this example i will use Google Images.

Click the Add… button on the right side.

Give your shortcut a name (I’ll use Images), assign it’s keyword (pics) and now head over to Google Images and search for mintywhite.  Copy the URL and paste it into the URL field of the Add search engine box.  Look for mintywhite in this address and replace it with %s.

You can use this method for any search engine you wish!  Respectively, if you want to edit any existing search engines, go ahead and select the engine from the list, click Edit… and modify in the same manner as above.

Now, when you want to search Google Images for anything, just type pics and press the Tab button on your keyboard and it will set the search bar to specifically search Google Images.

A great timesaver I think.

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