Because the internet is more than just Windows Guides, we have prepared a selection of the best technology posts of this week.

Do you like Halloween? Are you one of those people who is waiting for a new terror movie? Read this article by Srivathsan G.K. on Madras Geek.

Make Me Zombie Transform Photos into Zombies

Have you ever found your computer performance is not what you expected? Have you checked your antivirus is configured properly? Check this article by The Geek on HowToGeek.

Antivirus Slowing Your PC Down? Maybe You Should Use Exclusions

Is your hard-disk running out of space? Why not trying this solution? Read the article by Amit Agarwal on Digital Inspiration.

Free-up Some Disk Space on your Computer

Are you a Facebook fan? Having a lot time and nothing to do? Read the following article by Steven Campbell on MakeUseOf.

5+ Most Popular Facebook Games You Have To Check Out

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