If you need to boot from a disc i.e. Windows repair disc or a password cracking disc, USB drive, network drive, or a different drive on your PC, read on. The easiest way to boot from alternate media is to avoid changing BIOS settings and use the boot options menu, which is available with all modern PCs.

Boot from ______

1. If applicable, insert your bootable disc or USB drive

2. Reboot your PC

3. When your BIOS is loading (if you have a brand-name PC, this is usually when you can see the brand’s logo), press the key that loads the Boot options menu

Note: this is usually displayed as an option on the screen and is typically the F8 or F12 key but it may take a few tries if you don’t see a “Boot” options key

4. Arrow down to “CD-ROM Drive” / “DVD-ROM Drive” / “Removable Media” / “USB Media” and press Enter

windows7repair2 Use a Windows Repair Disc or USB Drive to Fix Your Broken PC [Updated]

That’s it. If you’re having trouble booting from alternate media, leave a comment with the media type (i.e. DVD, USB, CD) and your PC brand and model.

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