Windows Forums member, Batupata, has released yet another great, free tool for Windows 7: AdSevenIconChanger. This tool changes the default icons in Windows 7. Here’s an example of how you’d change the shortcut arrow:

1. Download AdSevenIconChanger

2. Right click AdSevenIconChanger.exe and click Run as administrator.

3. Select the icon you want to change from the drop down box, click Select Icon!, and pick an icon from Windows’ icon dll’s or from a custom location.

4. Click Change Icon, and click OK on the pop up box.

5. Log off and log back on.

6. Now the default icon is changed:

Download AdSevenIconChanger

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3 thoughts on “AdSevenIconChanger Changes Default Windows 7 Icons”

  1. Ejk8626 says:

    DL and tried it on my Win 7 64-bit machine.

    Kept getting LOTS of boxes telling me “no icons found” and then a hang-up.

    Immediately deleted it.

    Try again, Mr. B.

    1. Rich says:

      Are you running a standard, validated copy of windows? I’ve personally tested this on 64 and 32 bit without issue.

  2. Tried using AdSevenIconChanger to change a .bat file icon *on the taskbar* in Win 7 32 bit, but couldn’t find the present icon (the one to change) in any of the places your program listed. I uploaded an image of it.

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