Windows Forums member, cnitin, has written a guide which teaches you how to put a “Toggle Hidden Files” button on your right-click context menu.

This is useful if you frequently work with hidden files but don’t want them showing all the time. Instead of going into the folder options and changing the setting each time, you can use a convenient toggle that can be accessed by a right click in Windows Explorer.

Want to change the text from “Toggle Hidden Files” to something less obvious like “Update View”? Just download the zip file, attached to the guide, open toggle.reg in Notepad, change the bolded part of the following line, and save the file before running run.cmd:

@=”Toggle Hidden Files

Just download the attached zip file (link to the guide below), and double click run.cmd. There are also instructions to do this manually, but the cmd file works just fine.

Learn how here: Add “Toggle Hidden Files” Option to Context Menu

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