Two weeks ago, we posted a CompanionLink Review, and about a Competition, which was very kindly offered by CompanionLink themselves.

The results from the competition were very interesting, as 29 (22.8%) of you are using Outlook 2010, with 9 (7.1%) planning on upgrading, and 54 (42.5%) on Outlook 2007. You could see that our whole community are quite early adopters, as there was no-one using Outlook 2002, or 97, and just one person (0.8%) still running Outlook 2000.

Going to phones, there were just four (3.1%) of you using Android, 12 (9.4%) using an iPhone,16 (12.6%) using a BlackBerry, and 14 (11%) using a Windows Mobile phone. Interestingly, 11 people (8.7%) said that they do not own a phone.

These were really interesting results, and the three (randomly selected) winners have had their license keys e-mailed to them. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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