Three weeks ago we launched a new sticky topic in our Forum, called The Suggestion Box. Even though we do our best to deliver the best site possible, we can always improve, and “The Suggestion Box” is the place to comment on it. Not only site improvements, but also things you’d like us to feature.

To launch this new feature we got hold of 5 more licenses of WinXdvd Ripper of which we will give away ONE license each friday to the best suggestion of the week.

This weeks winner is:



Tips on securing home wireless networks could be useful. So many are still using the default settings which are wide open while some just use WEP, MAC filtering or not broadcasting the SSID which offers little to no protection.

Congratulations  Walt !

We Still have 2 more licenses to give away !!

Do you want to win next Friday ?

Make a Suggestion

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2 thoughts on “Win a License of WinXdvd Ripper !!!”

  1. Wolfinger says:

    By copying your programs on your pc to an external disc or cd, you guard yourself against pc-collapses…

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