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List of those who have donated and are Windows Forums members.


A special thanks…

…to all those who have donated thus far. I know you don’t donate to get your name on here, but I want to recognize your kindness.

  • Andy G (Wales)
  • R Rainer (NY, USA)
  • Stephen M (Canada)
  • Randall L (England)
  • Freddie M (SC, USA)
  • Dave S (CA, USA)
  • I Mills (Kuwait)
  • Abdul B (United Arab Emirates)
  • Gary D (CO, USA)
  • Richard W (FL, USA)
  • Angie M (LA, USA)
  • Alan O (NC, USA)
  • Chris J (NY, USA)
  • Karl K (TX, USA)
  • Cheryl H (CA, USA)
  • Adele S (Scotland)
  • Christian P (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
  • Helen (SC, USA)
  • Kenneth S (Vietnam)
  • Brian D (England)
  • Jimmy K
  • Donald M
  • Gary D
  • Gary G
  • Marcel C
  • S Hobbs (England)
  • John C (GA, USA)
  • Peter B (CA, USA)
  • Paul L (Australia)
  • Jay F (OH, USA)
  • Robert A (DE, USA)
  • Paul R (CA, USA)
  • Mike D (OH, USA)
  • Kim G (AR, USA)
  • John M (England)
  • Mike S (CA, USA)
  • Calin G (England)
  • John M (SC, USA)
  • Gloria O
  • Cornel T (Ireland)
  • Charles C (GA, USA)
  • Alejandra V (Mexico)
  • Zoltan S (Romania)
  • Anthony A
  • Manuel T (TX, USA)