A collection of Flower Wallpapers from mlewallpapers.com. We, in the Northern Hemisphere, are in Spring and Summer is just around the corner. I love the warm weather and I love the colors spring gives us! Enjoy these wallpapers and please let us know about any more you like.

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Bright Red Rose

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 1

Peach Rose

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 2

Hanging Yellow Orchids

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 3

Hibiscus Flower

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 4

Big Pink and White Flower

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 5

Cream Colored Rose

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 6

Purple and White Pansies

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 7


Daisy and Fireweed

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 8

Bee on Daisy

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 9

Pink Rose

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 10

Yellow Orchids

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 11

Hibiscus Flower and Blue Sky

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 12

Red and White Flowers

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 13

Trio of Peach Roses

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 14

White Waterlily

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 15


Flower Desktop Wallpaper 16

Rain-Covered Lupins

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 17

Dual Screen

Jasmine Flowers

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 18

Hillside of Purple and Yellow Pansies

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 19

Purple Flowers from San Francisco

Flower Desktop Wallpaper 20

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  2. Desktop bWallpaper/b Collectio says:

    […] Rich wrote an interesting post today onDesktop bWallpaper/b Collection: Flowers | Free Desktop bWallpapers/b b#8230/bHere#8217s a quick excerptPurple and White Pansies. Flower Desktop bWallpaper 7/b #8230 Share bWindows 7/b News, secrets, and announcements here. New Vista posts · bWindows/b Vista Have a question related to bWindows/b Vista? Have ideas, customizations etc? Join us here #8230 […]

  3. Video | Enjolt.com | Innovate says:

    […] ???. Yamicsoft Software Vista Manager – The Best Tuning and Optimizing Utility for Windows Vista Desktop Wallpaper Collection: Flowers – mintywhite.com 05/17/2009 A collection of Flower Wallpapers from mlewallpapers.com. We, in the […]

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  5. Wallpaper Wallpapers Desktop I says:

    […] in the Northern Hemisphere, are in Spring and Summer is just around the corner. I love the warm. […] Astronomy: Wallpaper | Bartender Drink Recipes Astronomy is the study of the cosmos. Some […]

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