As there are so many icon packs on this site now and it can be hard to find the ones you like. To help you dig through icon packs here on Windows Guides, I’ve divided the packs up into 8 genres. Today we released the Free Apple, OSX, & OSX Leopard Style PNG/ICO Icon Pack and we’ll release a new collection every Tuesday, starting next week, for the next 7 weeks. Want to be the first to know when the latest collection is released? So here’s today’s (check back Tuesday for more great icons or read the rest of the guide to see the other genre’s we have coming up):

Apple, OSX, & OSX Leopard Style PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Icons Showcase 15

Application & Program PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Icons Showcase 12

Device, Drive, Folder & Filetype PNG/ICO Icon Packs

30 Free Icon Packs

Mobile Phone PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Free Icon Sets - Collection 11 - 3

Social Networking PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Free Social Icon Packs - 12

Web Design PNG Icon Packs

Free Icon Pack 105 Set 17

Windows XP/Vista/7 Style PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Free Desktop Icon Packs

Movie, Character, Brand Name, Food PNG ICO Icon Packs

High Quality Icon Packs

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  1. Renolder says:

    Wow XP with Windows 7 is good. Familiar with me.

  2. Adnan says:

    how can i change default icons in windows 7, i want to use all these icons but i dont know how to do so???

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