This guide is Part 2 to “Change the Background in WMP12”.  In Part 1. I showed you a simple method to change the WMP12 background using 7 backgrounds MS provided us with.  In this guide I’ll show you how to assign your own images.

I’ve made a background here that goes nice ( I think).  I’ll be using this image for the guide, you can of course, use your own.  Be cautious using dark backgrounds however.

PNG & JPG images work just fine, I haven’t tested others so I can’t confirm if they work.

Let’s dive straight in with;

Step 1.

Download Restorator 2007 free trial and install as usual.

Step 2.

Take ownership of %windir%\system32\wmploc.dll and make an unmodified copy of it on your desktop.

Step 3.

Open %windir%\system32\wmploc.dll in Restorator 2007

In the left hand pane of Restorator 2007, expand the folder 257 and scroll down and find the bunch of files named LIBRARY_BACKGROUND….PNG.

I’m going to modify LIBRARY_BACKGROUND7.PNG which is the default background (hex 6).

Step 4.

Right click on LIBRARY_BACKGROUND7.PNG and select,

Extract…>Extract as “LIBRARY_BACKGROUND7.PNG.jpg”.

Save it to your desktop.

Step 5.

Right click the file again and choose Assign…>Assign to…

Choose your preferred image and click Open.

You’ll notice the image in the right hand pane has now changed to your custom image.  Save wmploc.dll in Restorator & exit .

Make sure (if it’s not already) to change the hexadecimal value to 6 in the registry editor (covered in Part 1. Step 3.).

Restart WMP12 if required to see the change!



Restoring to Default.

There’s a couple of methods to restore.  Make sure WMP12 is closed, you can then either rename %windir%\system32\wmploc.dll to wmploc.old.dll and then move your previously backed up copy, to the same folder or, you could re-assign the previously extracted image to LIBRARY_BACKGROUND7.PNG.  Your call.

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7 thoughts on “Change the Background in WMP12 (Part 2)”

  1. Kaveesh Dashora says:

    Nice background…. Where did you get it

  2. Kaveesh Dashora says:

    Nice background…. Where did you get it

  3. Kaveesh Dashora says:

    Nice background…. Where did you get it

  4. Neko says:

    for some odd reason the wmploc.DLL file always returns to its original state on it own right after i close restorator, and yes i save it, i've lost count how many times ive tried this already =/

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