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Remove Entries from the Add/Remove Programs List

Posted by Rich On May - 6 - 2008

There may be several reasons for removing certain programs from the add/remove programs list in Windows XP/Vista. One reason may be that you have no intention of removing some programs and they are cluttering the list – or you may want to remove that net monitoring program so your kids can’t remove it. In this guide you will learn how to remove these programs.

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Disable and Delete the Hibernation File in Windows

Posted by Rich On April - 15 - 2008

Windows places a file on your hard drive that stores your current data when your computer goes into hibernation. If you do not use hibernation, you can delete these files and save as much space as you have RAM (i.e. 512mb or 2gb etc.) In this guide you will learn how to disable hibernation and remove the old hibernation file.

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Use OneNote to Organize Your Life!

Posted by Rich On March - 24 - 2008

OneNote 2007

OneNote is one of the best pieces of software available for use with Windows. No other software on any platform can match what OneNote can do. In this guide you will learn why OneNote is so good and how you can begin to use it to organize your life.

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Tricks to Try with Windows Games

Posted by Rich On March - 18 - 2008

Some great tricks to play with Windows Games. Give them a try!

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Put a Mac-like Dock in Windows Vista or XP

Posted by Rich On March - 6 - 2008

ObjectDock for Windows

Ever seen OS X running on a Mac and though to yourself: “I wish my windows computer looked like that?” Well it can, and in this guide I will show you how.

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What is the Windows Key Used for?

Posted by Rich On March - 6 - 2008

In this guide we’ll learn how to better use the Windows key. This key is very useful and some of these shortcuts will save you a lot of time as you begin to use them.

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