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Completely Erase Your Hard Drive with Wipe Disk

Posted by Rich On September - 5 - 2008

Completely Erase Your Hard Drive with Wipe Disk

Plan to sell your PC soon? Left one out on the driveway before? You may be exposing sensitive data to anyone who comes across it.

Think formatting your hard drive is enough to remove your sensitive data? Think again.

Wipe disk is by far the best piece of data erasing software I have ever found. Wipe disk will completely rewrite the data on your drive, making it physically impossible to ever retrieve the original data.

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Completely Remove Data Using Eraser

Eraser removes data from your computer completely. You may already know that when you “format” a drive, the information is still there. The best way to completely remove data is to write over it, and this is what Eraser does. Eraser is designed for XP, Server 2003, and older Windows versions.

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Track a Stolen Computer with LocatePC

Posted by Rich On July - 25 - 2008

Track a Stolen Computer with LocatePC

Do you own a laptop and use it in public? I do and I wouldn’t be surprised if my laptop gets stolen one day. Actually, I will be very surprised, but the chances of this happening are too high to ignore.

This week’s featured download is LocatePC – software designed to help you track down your PC.

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Security & Privacy Protection freeware – this list completes all your security & privacy protection needs without spending a penny.

Check out more freeware on

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