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Vista Battery Saver Saves Your Battery in Vista

Posted by Rich On October - 3 - 2008

If you use Vista on a laptop, you may find your battery life isn’t great. I updated my computer from XP to Vista about over a year ago and I must say I noticed a significant (10%+) loss in battery life. Honestly, I don’t mind, but I’ve been testing Vista Battery Saver for a couple of weeks and now I want to share it with readers.

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Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

In this guest post, Mike Sherwood explains how to run Operating systems virtually inside another operating system.

Virtualization is an up-an-coming technique that many companies are using to better use their resources. Most servers can only run one program at a time, causing most companies to have as many servers as programs they need to run. To solve this, creating a virtual machine on a machine saves money and uses the available resources to capacity. You can use this technology to your advantage to run a “Virtual PC” right on your desktop, for whatever reason you have. One of the best parts about this program is the ability to run a different operating system in a window right on your desktop. (I needed to run programs for work that are only compatible with XP, while running Vista on my computer) And best of all, it’s free! I’ll show you how.

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Recuva Recovers Lost Data on Your Drive

Posted by Rich On September - 26 - 2008

Recuva Recovers Lost Data on Your Drive
I lost some photos recently and after trying a few different recovery programs, I came across Recuva. My problem was solved and now I want mintywhite readers to use this great software. Get yourself a free copy below.

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Compress Your PNG Files from the Right-click Menu

Posted by Rich On September - 18 - 2008

Compress Your PNG Files from the Right-click Menu
Most of the images I use on this website are PNGs (Portable Network Graphics.) The reason I use them is because they are lossless and look great when they are transparent. Most modern browsers support transparent PNGs and they can help make a website look great. However, when you create a PNG in MS Paint, Photoshop, etc. you may find they’re a lot larger in size than JPG of GIF files. In this guide you’ll learn how to compress the files from the right-click context menu in Vista.

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Completely Erase Your Hard Drive with Wipe Disk

Posted by Rich On September - 5 - 2008

Completely Erase Your Hard Drive with Wipe Disk

Plan to sell your PC soon? Left one out on the driveway before? You may be exposing sensitive data to anyone who comes across it.

Think formatting your hard drive is enough to remove your sensitive data? Think again.

Wipe disk is by far the best piece of data erasing software I have ever found. Wipe disk will completely rewrite the data on your drive, making it physically impossible to ever retrieve the original data.

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Check Spellings in Any Application incl. Notepad [How To]

Posted by Rich On August - 19 - 2008

Occasionally you need to check spelling in an application that does not include a spelling checker and you don’t want to launch your word processor just for that. This is when tinySpell becomes handy; it is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check and correct the spelling in any Windows application.

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