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Save Ink – Use the correct Font

Posted by Thomas On February - 19 - 2010

Did you know that by choosing the right font you can actually make your inkjet printer more cost-effective ?

From time to time you’ll find link to free typefaces and fonts here on mintywhite which I’m sure you have put to good use – I know I have. I always thought that it was heavy colors and graphics that caused my ink to run out faster than greased lightning. But now it turns out that by choosing the right font when printing your documents, you  can actually save lots of ink and money.

Designers Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth looked at ink usage of some commonly used typefaces, by hand-drawing them with ballpoint pens. And the results really amazed me.

Read on to see which font is more economical in use…

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Are you able to understand or read the following?
Fil, Rediger, Vis, Gå Til, Verktøy …. No ?
How about now: File, Edit, View, Go, Tools …. ?

In our multi-lingual world it is getting more common to share your workplace with people from other countries. Here in Norway you can now expect to walk into any workplace and meet at least one who speaks any of the following languages: English, Polish, Russian, Turkish etc. etc. Have you ever tried to work on a software with a foreign language ? Well many people have to – unless you can afford to buy one license for each language that is. For me to read and write Russian or Polish would be as impossible as it would be for you to read Norwegian.

Luckily there is a solution!
Microsoft has released Interface Language packs to be downloaded (some bought) and installed on top of your Office installation, making it possible to switch between different language setups. 

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User Support – Twelve o’Clock Flashers…

Posted by Thomas On February - 5 - 2010

Have you ever had to call the tech-support only to get hold of a person who seems to be laughing at you ? Well he probably did…

Those of us who have worked in user support have met all kinds of people on the phone. Some have genuine problems. Some problems are hard to figure out, others are simple to solve, and sometimes, the caller is plain and simply a ‘TCF….

Read on and I’ll explain…

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Recommended Site: Windows7Update

Posted by Rich On October - 25 - 2009

There are so many good websites out there; it can sometimes be hard to decide what to read and when to find time to read it. One site I highly recommend is Windows 7 Update, which is run by Onuora Amobi. Windows7Update brings you the most accurate news, screenshots, wallpaper, downloads, articles, research and books related to Windows 7. Here are some links to get you started:
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Microsoft Office 2010 Screenshots (14.0.4417.1000)

Posted by Stu On September - 6 - 2009

Microsoft Office (Mondo) 2010 Build 14.0.4417.1000 has hit the streets.

So far it’s proving to compliment Windows 7 very nicely indeed.

Here’s some basic screenshots for your pleasure!



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Recommended Site: Technix Update

Posted by Rich On June - 6 - 2009

There are so many good websites out there; it can sometimes be hard to decide what to read and when to read it. One such good site is Technix Update, which is run by Abhishek Bhatnagar.

Technix Update focuses on computer tips and tricks and helps you get the most out of your PC. I am an RSS subscriber and I look forward to the newest posts, from which I’ve learned a lot.

Here are some links to get you started:

Abhishek runs some other sites, too, which include:

What other sites do you like?

Suggest them in the comments and please tell us why you recommend them.

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