Nature Themed Desktop Wallpaper Collection [Set 2]

Posted by Rich On November - 3 - 2010

Desktop Wallpaper 494 Set 64

In an effort to help you find the kinds of wallpapers you like, I’ve put together 19 collections of wallpapers that cover 15 different genres. This week’s genre is nature themed wallpapers again. If you missed part one of this genre, you can get to it here: nature themed desktop wallpaper collection part 1. If you know of any other wallpapers that fit in this genre, please let me know. Looking for a different genre? Head here to see desktop wallpaper collections organized by genre.

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How to make XP SP2 think it’s SP3

Posted by Thomas On November - 3 - 2010

First off! You know you really ought to upgrade to Service Pack 3. Microsoft ended support for SP2 back in July, and stopped issuing patches for it.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with a service pack in the past. Maybe you just don’t like change. Whatever the reason, if you’re stubbornly clinging to SP2, but you need to apply a critical security update that requires SP3, there is a registry edit you can do that will make XP SP2 appear to be an SP3 machine.

Microsoft doesn’t support it, and you do it at your own risk, but here are the steps:

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Best Remote Access Applications

Posted by Rich On November - 1 - 2010

We are now in an age where we can realistically expect to have access to every: photo we’ve ever taken, song we’ve ever purchased, document we’ve written, and anything else stored on our computer. Many of us have a computer at home (usually an older computer) that we refer to as our server. On or attached to this server is all the media we have to our name. In this guide, we explore top five remote access applications available to help you get to this, and other, information. These applications can be used to:

  • Have a multi-PC meeting.
  • Have access to your own PCs wherever you are.
  • Help a friend with their PC.
  • Have desktop access to your PCs on your home network.

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PhotoMagician – a great Tool becomes even Greater

Posted by Thomas On November - 1 - 2010

I have earlier told you about PhotoMagician, the program that let you convert pictures “at the drop of a hat”. Now this great tool has become even greater.

One-Click Conversion to Device and Output Format

As before you can predefine  custom settings to suit your needs, but now PhotoMagician also comes with preset settings for the most common devices out there. But the most interesting new functionality is Format to Format Settings.

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