Desktop Wallpaper 749

We love desktop wallpaper on Windows Guides. Here’s a collection of 50 hand-picked high-resolution wallpapers from various sources online. Know a good place for wallpaper or have some to share? Let us know about it in the comments.

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6 Free Office 2010 Migration Guides

Posted by Stu On November - 26 - 2010

6 Free Office 2010 Migration GuidesThinking about upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010?

Each upgrade brings exciting new features, but new versions of your favourite programs can take some getting used to. It’s no different for those of us here at Microsoft who create the Office programs than it is for our customers.

To ease the transition, we’ve put together six handy Office 2010 migration guides to help you step up to the newest versions of Microsoft Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

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The Complete Guide to Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Posted by Rich On November - 25 - 2010

Windows 7 Sticky Notes 03In this guide, we show you a bunch of tips and tricks for Sticky Notes, which has received an update for Windows 7. Specifically, we’ll What versions?cover the following:

  • What versions of Windows 7 have Sticky Notes?
  • How do I open Sticky Notes?
  • How do I create a new note?
  • How do I change the color of notes?
  • How do I resize notes?
  • How do I delete a note?
  • How do I change the fonts of a note?
  • How can I backup my notes?
  • How do I format text within my notes?
  • How do I save my notes for later?

If you know of a trick that we missed, please let us know in the comments.

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Start IE9 with InPrivate Filtering Enabled [Quick Tip]

Posted by Stu On November - 24 - 2010


IE9We’ve had a look at IE8 and its ability to block ads without add-ons using InPrivate Filtering before.  What’s new i hear you cry.  Well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

Todays Quick Tip shows how to start IE9 in InPrivate Filtering mode every time you start the browser, as opposed to turning it on manually.  Something I think Microsoft should definitely implement.  (Alt+X > K)?

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One of the new great features in Outlook 2010 is the added support for Email Database files. Making it easier to use different database (PST-file) for each email account. When you setup a new account you can choose whether to use the existing PST-file or create a new one. With this functionality comes another great feature. I have archived PST-files from way back which on occasion prove invaluable – In order to use these files I have always added them to an existing account. The result is a large email account which is tough to handle (for me and my computer).

The good news is that you can add the existing PST-file to Outlook without connecting it to an account.

Why would you do that ?

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Surreal & Fantasy Themed Desktop Wallpaper Collection

Posted by Rich On November - 24 - 2010

Desktop Wallpaper 530 Set 66

In an effort to help you find the kinds of wallpapers you like, I’ve put together 19 collections of wallpapers that cover 15 different genres. This week’s genre is surreal and fantasy themed wallpapers. If you know of any other wallpapers that fit in this genre, please let me know. Looking for a different genre? Head here to see desktop wallpaper collections organized by genre.

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