121 Device, Drive, Folder & Filetype PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Posted by Rich On September - 14 - 2010

30 Free Icon Packs

This week, we have a collection of device, drive, folder, and filetype icon packs. You can use these icons for Windows customization, web sites, applications, mobile apps, posters, and more; however, just because the pack is free doesn’t mean there’s no attached license. Please be sure to check the license for each pack you download as each differs. The license should be available from the site you’re led to and often it’s in the download. If you know of any good icon packs to include in this genre, please let me know. Looking for a different genre? Desktop icon pack collections organized by genre.

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CCleaner, Add functionality with add-ons

Posted by Thomas On September - 13 - 2010

One of the most popular registry cleaner tools is named ccleaner. Although ccleaner is very powerful and does do a very good job at removing old and redundant registry entries. It may still leave lots of “debris” left. The main reason is that not every developer think alike, and there is no set rules as to how and where in the registry to store installation information. Making it necessary to tell programs like ccleaner where to look.

This is where the add-ons like CCEnhancer comes to our rescue

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Halo: Reach – Free Xbox Live Weekend

Posted by Stu On September - 13 - 2010

A nice sweetener to the deal for those of you who’ll manage get hold of a copy of Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 release, Halo: Reach before this weekend, is that they’re offering Xbox Live Gold membership benefits to those with Silver memberships. Effectively granting a Halo free-for-all weekend.

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Completely Erase Data on Your Hard Disk Drive HDD [How To]

Posted by Rich On September - 13 - 2010

If you’re selling your computer, sending a faulty drive back to its manufacturer, donating your PC, or sending it to the curb, you should take precautions to ensure your data is properly erased. This guide explains:

  • Why you should properly erase your data.
  • What precautions you should take when erasing data.

Then I’ll show you three different techniques you can use to completely erase your hard drives:

  1. Using Windows Explorer to format your drive.
  2. Using Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN.)
  3. Using a drill.

Okay, I won’t show you how to do number three but it’s a perfectly feasible option.

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Print Smart to Reduce Wasted Paper – Part 1 [How To]

Posted by Taylor Ling On September - 12 - 2010

Paper wastage in printing is an issue that always bugged many industries, whether they are aware or unaware about the wastage, which can have an impact in environment and economy. According to a study, a typical service industry worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper for printing every year, or one sheet every 12 minutes. And you’d surprised to find out that 90% of those printed papers are only used for a short while; the majority of them will be discarded without being reuse. Thus, to avoid and reduce such unnecessary wastage, there are some software built to assist the computer user to print smart, which will be introduced later in part 2.

Before going into the software that can assist in smart printing, there are a few techniques/tips for everyone which can be applied prior to any printing in order to reduce paper wastage: Read the rest of this entry »

[Expired] Do you Use Multiple Monitors on Your PC? [Poll]

Posted by Thomas On September - 12 - 2010

I love my dual monitor setup, and I can’t begin to imagine how life was without it. I have recently brought you several multi monitor tools to improve your dual monitor day. But how many of you have more than one monitor, and how many do you have?

Please join my mini survey to answer these questions.

The POLL has now ended, thank you for contributing.

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