SDExplorer: Get Windows Live Skydrive on your desktop

Posted by Thomas On April - 20 - 2010

These days there are so much talk about Cloudware (a.k.a software that you access through internet). And Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind like they were back in the 1990’ies when they thought Internet were only going to be a hype.

One of the latest additions to Microsoft’s “Cloud Solution” is “Windows Live SkyDrive”, an online Storage Solution.

If you’re already using it, you already know that Windows Live SkyDrive is somewhat clunky and not very user-friendly. The web interface “add files” section only allows you to add one file at a time in individual fields. The existing ActiveX Controls that would allow you to Drag’n’Drop – only works in Internet Explorer.

Luckily there is a solution.

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If you use iTunes and you have two or more PCs in your house, you will likely, at some point, encounter the 5 computer authorization limit imposed by iTunes. There are a number of times when I’ve either replaced my PC or reformatted my hard drive and I’ve forgotten to deauthorize iTunes before doing so. This really is not the end of the world; however, if you do reach the five computer limit, your only choice is to deauthorize all five computers on your iTunes account, which can be a pain because you need to add them back again. This guide serves as a reminder to deauthorise iTunes on your iTunes account before you reformat your hard drive or get a new PC.

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Windows 7 Step by Step Book Winners Announced

Posted by Rich On April - 17 - 2010

The winners for the the Windows 7 Step by Step Book are announced here.

Set an Automatic Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 7

Posted by Rich On April - 16 - 2010

I recently wrote a guest post for TuneUp’s blog about how to set up an automatic wallpaper slideshow in Windows 7:

Changing your desktop wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to customize your desktop. Windows 7 comes with a great new feature that lets you rotate your wallpapers in a slideshow. In this blog post, you will learn how to create a slideshow with your favorite desktop wallpapers in Windows 7. We’ll cover the following:

  1. Where to find free, high-quality wallpapers online
  2. How to set a desktop background
  3. How to set a wallpaper slideshow

Continued: Set an Automatic Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 7

Trillian Astra 4.2 Beta

Posted by DarkNovaGamer On April - 16 - 2010

Trillian Astra 4.2 Beta, is the next phase in Cerulean Studio’s progress towards a better Instant Messaging client.

Cerulean Studio’s is also (for a limited time only) offering their Premium subscription for $10 (original price $25). This subscription will last you the entire 4.x builds. When 5.x comes along it will only cost you $10 to upgrade or you can stick with Trillian 4.x.

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Uninstall Hidden Windows Software in XP [How To]

Posted by Thomas On April - 16 - 2010

Windows XP comes with a variety of software pre-installed like WordPad. These Out-Of-The-Box Software cannot be removed using the Add/Remove Programs Function in the Control Panel because they are hidden.

The solution is easier than you’d think.

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