[Expired] Come Up with Ideas, and WIN a license of NoteSync

Posted by Thomas On April - 23 - 2010

Developers all over have discovered that Mintywhite.com is a great place not only to meet potential new users of their software, but also a place to get fresh ideas for their further development. By regularly visiting and testing software that we review here on Mintywhite, YOU get to influence how many of these programs should work and what features YOU think they should have.

And here is another such opportunity: Developers of NoteSync want your opinion! And the Top 5 Feature Suggestions will win one license each.

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Slow boot problems, How To Deal With It?

Posted by Angel Luis On April - 23 - 2010

Computer Icon
Finding bottleneck is a very complicated task, but it is more complicated if we talk about what happens at boot times.
Have a slow boot computer?  Continue reading and you will find how to solve it
Don’t forget to leave a comment including what process is consuming your CPU.

The post is written using Windows 7 but this work for Windows XP or Windows Vista.

First you have to download the free Sysinternals process monitor utility.

Move the cursor to the downloaded program and press the right mouse button, then you select Extract All as you see on the image:

Process Monitor Extract All

Extract it in the folder you wish. Now run the Process Monitor Program using Run as administrator:

Process Monitor Run As Administator

Once it opens, go to the file menu and deselect capture events:

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If I’m keeping track correctly, I’ve been asked this same question seven times since I started running this website. In fact, I asked myself this question a few years ago: “why does my computer tell me it may be a risk every time I start my PC?” Now, I could drag this guide out and try and sound really smart; however, I want to keep this simple.

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We all know Google Chrome is a wicked fast and secure browser (the only left standing at Pwn2Own this year) – and I would say that many of us are using it. I also know that many of you out there are using FireFox and are quite attached to it because of its extensive extension support, but did you know that Chrome now has over 4,200 extensions? Today I’m going to walk you through installing extensions in Chrome and showing you some of my favorites.

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NoteSync Takes Control of Your Notes

Posted by Thomas On April - 21 - 2010
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PROS: Very easy to use. Lightweight.

CONS: No Context Menu AddOn … yet

VERDICT: A Great program which really let you do what it promises.
A Great Little Application.

PRICE: $4.99


Download Link in the Article

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Daniusoft Video Converter – Free

Posted by DarkNovaGamer On April - 21 - 2010

Daniusoft Video Converter Free, is a program that will let you convert video files from one file type to another. Unlike most video converters, this one is free. Which is really a big deal. Most companies cringe at the thought of giving their software out for free, Daniusoft on the other hand actually gives us a useful program that will not burn a hole in our pocket.
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