Typography: Free Stylish Fonts Collection [Set 44]

Posted by Rich On December - 10 - 2009

Free cash Font - Set 44

If you are making a PowerPoint presentation, poster, graphic, or anything that requires typography, you may find some of these fonts useful. There many free fonts out there but it is often hard to find good ones as there is so much choice and so many fonts are not very high quality. In these collections, I attempt to find the best free fonts out there and provide direct download links to them so you can start using them straight away. If you are unsure of how to install a font, learn here.

More Fonts

Check out more font collections on Mintywhite.com. Organize your fonts with Windows Fonts Explorer.

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If you want control over when your PC shuts down, Dshutdown is for you. This program will give you complete control over triggers that make your computer shut down. This can be useful if you are energy conscious and want your PC to shut down after use. I realize many of this site’s readers never let their computer even hibernate — because they use it so much! However, I hope this program may help some of you.

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TuneUp Utilities 2010 Competition Winners Announced

Posted by Rich On December - 6 - 2009

The winners of the five (5) licenses for TuneUp Utilities 2010 are announced here.
Didn’t win? Download a FREE 30 day trial.

Change the Background in WMP12 (Part 2)

Posted by Stu On December - 4 - 2009


This guide is Part 2 to “Change the Background in WMP12”.  In Part 1. I showed you a simple method to change the WMP12 background using 7 backgrounds MS provided us with.  In this guide I’ll show you how to assign your own images.

I’ve made a background here that goes nice ( I think).  I’ll be using this image for the guide, you can of course, use your own.  Be cautious using dark backgrounds however.

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Change the Background in WMP12 (Part 1)

Posted by Stu On December - 3 - 2009


Part 1 of this guide will show you how to change the background in Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) using ‘7’ backgrounds provided by MS.

It’s a simple procedure that involves editing the registry, however, see here before proceeding.

For those that aren’t keen on editing the registry, you can download this zip file which includes all the entries from background ‘0’ to ‘6’.  Just double-click the one you want to try, restart WMP12 and see the changes!

For those that like to do things the manual way, we’ll start with;

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epm-homeVERSION TESTED: 4.1.1

PROS: Simple partition management to assist in allocating space for multi-boot environments or data partitions. Easy-to-use interface with drag and drop functionality. Back up entire partitions to assist in operating system reinstall without loss of data.

CONS: 32-bit only support for the free home version. Windows XP, Vista, and 7 have fairly good partition managers already built in so this product is not necessary in some cases.

VERDICT: If you want to create a multiple boot environment or you want to create a “media” partition on the same drive as your operating system install, this is a great tool to use and far more intuitive than Windows’ built in tool. If you shook your head after reading my previous sentence, I wouldn’t bother with this program.


DOWNLOAD: EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

Many of my drives are split into two or more partitions. Why would you want to split your drive into multiple partitions?

Note: Here’s how to create, move, resize, and delete partitions with Windows’ built in disk management tool.

In this review, I share EASEUS’ latest, free partition management tool: EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition.

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