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postcard PicJoke is an Online Postcard CreatorAre you struggling to get those holiday postcards made ? Don’t got any bright ideas, or simply not good enough using Photoshop ?

Fear no more, rescue is here. One of the easiest tools I’ve ever come across is free and online.


picJoke 650x400 PicJoke is an Online Postcard Creator

First time I heard that name I thought it was a funny picture or joke site. Well the name can fool you. PicJoke is in fact a postcard effect maker, which is really easy to use. You do not need any photoshopping skills at all. All you need is a photo to upload.

Here’s how it works

Goto the site:

The site will present you with a daily effect and a vast gallery of postcard templates. Most of which only support a picture, some asks for two or three and some even let you add some text to the mix. The templates are sorted by dates added and you can find designs dating back a couple of years.

gerard 2 500x239 PicJoke is an Online Postcard CreatorNavigate through the templates, and choose one you like. Then upload your photo(s) as requested. Press the Generate button, and voilá.

A few seconds later, your creation is done. If you are happy with the results you can save the photo or copy the distribution link. If you want to try something else, go back and start over.

Gerard 500x445 PicJoke is an Online Postcard CreatorBehold my creation… yeah it’s not me…

One thing to either appreciate … or not

PicJoke stores your original photos and retrieves them the next time you enter the site. Making it easier to choose between all the different designs without having to re-upload your photos for each.

I do miss however the possibility to delete my photos afterwards.

 PicJoke is an Online Postcard Creator

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  • Uvais

    Yep ;) i like this web :lol:

  • severica

    nice site. thx for sharing :)

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