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[Update] Essential Firefox Add-ons Collection

Posted by Rich On September - 21 - 200917 COMMENTS

Over a year ago, I informed you of the Firefox Add-ons I use and told you why you should download each one. In this guide, I’ll show you the current add-ons I use and why I recommend them. If you have an add-on to suggest, please leave it in the comments below along with the reason you suggested it for.

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Customise Windows 7 Media Center (Part 4)

Posted by Stu On September - 17 - 200949 COMMENTS

10.  Speed Up Media Browser Using USB Flash Drive

I have quite a large movie collection, and find that MB can take a while to load all of the DVD covers & backdrops for the entire library.

Using a USB Flash Drive should eliminate this problem as they’re generally a lot quicker than your hard drive, anything that’s good enough for ‘ReadyBoost’ should suffice for this.  You should see a big improvement immediately.

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Customise Windows 7 Media Center (Part 3)

Posted by Stu On September - 14 - 200932 COMMENTS

7.  Change The W7MC Background.

One of the most obvious changes you’ll notice through this series is the changes in the background W7MC displays.

Rich has made a huge collection of wallpapers.  Have a browse through them and pick a new wallpaper for your media center.
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Introducing: rsvr85–Our New Writer

Posted by Rich On September - 11 - 200931 COMMENTS

rsvr85 is now part of the Windows Guides team. That makes two of us. Readers: now you’re in trouble ;)

rsvr85 is well seasoned in desktop customization and has been mentioned a few times on Windows Guides before for his work over at the Forums (rsvr85′s profile.)

rsvr85′s Posts

Here’s what we’ve seen from him thus far:

Welcome to the team! Please welcome rsvr85 in the comments (it might win you a copy of Windows 7.)

Customise Windows 7 Media Center (Part 2)

Posted by Stu On September - 11 - 200950 COMMENTS

Let’s dive straight in and carry on from where we left off.

4a. Change The Genre Icon In MB

This will show you how to add an icon to the genres you see in MB.

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Customise Windows 7 Media Center (Part 1)

Posted by Stu On September - 6 - 200944 COMMENTS

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