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I’m not a very big fan of changing themes on my computer. I like to find my look and stay with it. But that’s just me I guess, I’m boring that way. But for those of you who love to experiment with different looks and design, here are some official Country Specific Themes for you to play with.

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desktop wallpaper10 Windows Themed Desktop Wallpaper Collection

In an effort to help you find the kinds of wallpapers you like, I’ve put together 19 collections of wallpapers that cover 15 different genres. This week’s genre is Windows themed wallpapers. If you know of any other wallpapers that fit in this genre, please let me know. Looking for a different genre? Head here to see desktop wallpaper collections organized by genre.

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virus21 Re Enable 2.0   Restore Windows functionality after virus and Trojan attack [Freeware]Getting attacked by virus and Trojans in itself is an annoying experience. And if you’ve been so lucky as to get one of those intruders that delete or turn off Windows features… I feel your pain. Even when the virus or Trojan are removed, users are still facing the possibility of spending many hours going through the registry and other tools to get everything back up and working. Most users would be forced to re-install Windows at this point.

Another solution might be this one:

Re-Enable v.2

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banner Download Uniblue System Tweaker 2011 for Free ($19.95)

So we’re here again.  The Holidays are time for giving so that is what we’re doing, for you, the readers!

Until 15th January 2011 are giving away this great software for free usually costing $19.95!.  I came across this great giveaway on Softpedia and felt i should share with you guys.

Here are some of Uniblue System Tweaker 2011’s Key Features.

· Streamline the Start and Control Panel menu to your taste
· Adjust network settings to boost functionality and increase security
· Tweak Windows start-up and shutdown rules
· Customize right-click menu options
· Access detailed system information

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icon windows live photo gallery Fix Live Photo StartUp and Freeze problems [How To]Windows Live Photo Gallery is a handy free photo editing program. Some may experience that the application either won’t start at all, or freezes up and stops working after you open it. This happens when the database that’s created by WLPG gets corrupted.

Here’s what you can do to fix it.

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Windows Guides’ RatingCompatible withSystem
on LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Auditon LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Auditon LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Auditon LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Auditoff LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Audit 4 out of 57 LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Auditvista LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Auditxp LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Audit32bit LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Audit64bit LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer Audit
lookinmypc02 LookInMyPC Gives You a Complete Computer AuditPROS: Provides comprehensive information on the components, software, and changes on your PC.

CONS: The interface is a little ugly and the information isn’t helpful for casual users.

VERDICT: Use this if a knowledgeable friend is helping you fix your PC or if you want to know and keep tabs on what’s going on with your PC.




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