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Get on Top of Your Movie Collection with I heart Movies

Posted by Rich On December - 12 - 2008

I Heart Movies

Tired of telling people every movie that you have? Want to have people over for a movie, but don’t want to waste time waiting on the best choice from your movies? Losing movies to friends who forget what they borrowed from you?

If you are familiar with any of those, you’ll enjoy IHM’s ability to track your movie collection. With its collection system, you can organize, rate and categorize your entire collection as well as mark who’s borrowing what from you so that you never lose a movie again. You can just as easily link someone to your entire collection so they can see everything you have.

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Five Free Movie Organizing Programs

Posted by Rich On December - 12 - 2008

Screenshot of Coollector

Most of us love movies and many of us love to collect them. Today I’ll take a look at five of the best freeware movie organizing programs, share their best features, and point you to them. I’ve selected these five from a wide selection of available programs because they work well and will help you get on top of your movie collection.
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Handbrake Rips DVDs to Video Files

Posted by Rich On November - 7 - 2008

Handbrake Rips DVDs to Video FilesHandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux, and Windows.

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iSpring Publishes PowerPoint Presentations as Flash Movies

Posted by Rich On October - 17 - 2008

iSpring Publishes PowerPoint Presentations as Flash Movies

This free PowerPoint to Flash converter creates web friendly Flash movies from your PowerPoint content keeping its visual parameters and animation effects. The generated Flash presentation will look as if it has always been a Flash movie.

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Complete Resource for Multimedia Freeware

Posted by Rich On April - 4 - 2008

Multimedia freeware – this list completes all your multimedia needs without spending a penny.

Check out more freeware on

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